Global Training for Transformation

A soft skills training company

Providing soft skills training and consulting
to businesses and organizations in Uzbekistan

Our Aim

To make your business or organization more successful.

Our Approach

By increasing your business or organization’s health.

Make your work easier and faster!

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

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Training Courses

Leadership Development

How can leaders be selected and trained?

Team Building

How to move from supervising employees to leading a team?

Interpersonal Relationships and Communication

What is it and why is it important?

Intercultural Dynamics

What is important to know and understand?

"smart" & "healthy"

Worldwide, businesses who succeed over the long haul are those who have recognized what business writer Patrick Lencioni presents in his book, The Advantage. To succeed these businesses must be both “smart” and “healthy”.

Smart” refers to strategy, finance, marketing, technology, … all the standard things taught in business school.

Healthy” however, refers to relationships, communication, vision, morale and values.

Most business leaders spend 95% of their time and energy on the “smart” aspects, but inadvertently neglect the “health” aspects needed for success.

Our expertise is to enable your business or organization to develop the aspects that will make it more “healthy” and thus more successful.

Another famous quote

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble.

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Global Training for Transformation was established in 2018 to make western soft skills concepts and training more accessible to Uzbekistan’s leaders, businessmen and entrepreneurs.

How we do this?

We design and implement a variety of trainings and workshops tailored for each client.

This includes trainings for large groups, small groups, and individuals.